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Bears Made from Thread

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ThreadBear, Betty

This is Betty, a 3.5" Made-from-Thread Bear crocheted from vintage English mohair.  She is wobble jointed, has eyes, nose and claw marks embroidered with Spanish made Finca perle cotton.  The same beads in the tassels on her feet were used to adorn her ears.  They are vintage Czech beads circa 1940.

Nickel is a 2.5", made-from-thread bear crocheted from gun metal #16, Finca perle cotton.  His collar is also crocheted from Finca perle cotton and embellished with 3mm Swarovski crystals.  His eyes are black onyx beads, his nose, mouth, eye brows and claws are embroidered with Finca perle cotton.  Like my other made-from-thread bear, Nickel is wobble jointed and weighted with steel pellets for a heavy-in-your-hand, life-like feel.

Aleena, the Thread Bear Balareena Aleena, the Thread Bead Balareena

Aleena is a unique made-from-thread bear.  She is crocheted from pink, Finca perle cotton.  She is a necklace made with the enthusiastic assistance of my sisters grandchildren, seven year old Delaney and eighteen month old Joshua.  It was a hoot to create this charming creature with the two little ones excitedly selecting each bead and passing them off to me as I needed them.  When we finished it was long past the bed time of both of the darlings, but they would not go to sleep until I promised to make a late night trip to the store to buy the ribbon to make Aleena's tutu.  As you can see from the pictures, I am as good as my word and the tutu was ready for they adoring glances when their little feet hit the floor the next morning.  In addition to her tutu, Aleena has pink, Swarovski crystal eyes, vintage bugle bead hair and an eclectic and interesting mix of vintage and antique beads and fresh water pearls. 

Aleena has a matching bead knitted pouch with the same mix of beads and pearls.  And, you guessed it, the beads were selected by Joshua and Delaney.

2.5" gray Made-from-Thread Bear with burgundy collar embellished with mauve Swarovski bicone crystals.

Made-from-Thread Bear
Hat or Lapel Pins

Black, bead knitted draw string pouch made with antique Czech beads, circa 1915, and #16 Finca perle cotton.

CranBeary with coordinating
drawstring bead knitted pouch.

Click on individual parts of this
collage  to see enlargements.

Made-from-Thread Bear
Bead Knitted Pouches

Made-from-Thread Bear, bead knitted pouches with that delicious, loose-as-a-goose, drapey feel to the knitted fabric and kits and supplies to make these too-wonderful-to-resist treasures. 

If you want a wearable bear of your very own or a pouch to "wear" a bear you already have, please select one from the designs below.   You may choose design, size and the colors of both thread and beads to have one made just for you.  If you want one just like any of the pictures below, please e-mail me at shelley@ursaminorminiatures.com for a current list of bears/pouches in stock OR, if you know the basics of knitting and crocheting, you can buy a kit or a pattern and make your own.  Please see my Kits Page for a listing of available kits and Made-from-Thread Bear making supplies.

Design choices for completed Thread Bears as follows: 

  • Made-from-Thread Bear Pendant (no pouch):  The price for this item includes basic Made-from-Thread Bear in your choice of available color in Finca Perle Cotton, ultra fine, hand spun yarn or metallic thread; lace collar, ears, body, arms and feet are beaded as pictured with new Czech beads in the available color of your choice plus two, thirty inch, twisted strands of new Czech beads in the same color as the beads on the bear.  $110

  • Basic Pendant Pouch w Made-from-Thread Bear Embellishment:  The price for this item includes bead knitted Pendant Pouch made from #8, #12 or #16 Finca Perle Cotton in your choice of available colors and new Czech beads in the available color of your choice embellished with Made-from-Thread Bear (as pictured below) in same size perle cotton plus two twisted strands of new Czech beads in the same color as the beads used in the pendant pouch.  $65

  • Basic Pendant Pouch (no Made-from-Thread Bear):  The price for this item includes bead knitted Pendant Pouch crafted from #8, #12 or #16, Finca Perle Cotton in your choice of available colors with new Czech beads in the available color of your choice plus two twisted strands of new Czech beads in the same color as the beads used in the pendant pouch.    $5650

  • Reversible Pendant Pouch (no Made-from-Thread Bear): All reversible pouches are custom designs that start at $125 for two colors of #8 Perle Cotton and two colors of new Czech beads with three twisted strands of new Czech beads with bead fringes on the pouch flap.

Special Notes

E-mail me at shelley@ursaminorminiatures.com for price quotes on custom designs and/or embellishments beyond the basic Made-from-Thread Bear, pouches and beaded necklace straps.

To view Finca color chart, click on the following links.  Before you do this, please note that each page of the chart may take a long time to load for those of you with older systems and/or dial-up connections. Page 1; Page 2; Page 3. 

A word about the colors in this chart.  The hues and tones you see depend on the capabilities of the monitor you use to view them.  From monitor to monitor, colors will seem to change and appear different from the actual thread color when you see it in person. 

To select antique beads that match or contrast with your choice of perle cotton, email me for suggestions and availability.

Prices vary according to design and your choice of beads for both pouch and necklace.  A basic pouch with thread bear embellishment and crocheted necklace using new beads starts at $56.50.  Custom designed Made-from-Thread Bear and pouches are available with elaborate patterns, antique beads, precious and semi-precious gemstones and real pearls for $1,000.  You can have them as fancy or as simple as your personal taste dictates.  It really is up to you and the limits of your budget.

(Please click on any image to enlarge.)

Basic Pendant Bear, above left;
Custom Design Thread Bear, above right
   Bears measure 4.5" and 3.5", respectively

Basic Pendant Pouch w Thread Bear in #8 Finca Perle Cotton, Pattern #1 above left, Pattern #2 on the right.  Finished pouch is 3" x 2.5" at widest part of fan shape.


Basic Pendant Pouch with Thread Bear Embellishment in #12 Finca Perle Cotton w antique beads above left (Pattern #3) and Custom Design Pendant Pouch in #16 Finca Perle Cotton w Japanese seed beads (Pattern #4) above right.  Pattern #3 is 2.5" x 2.5".  Custom design is 3" high x 5" at widest part of fan shape.

Basic Pendant Pouch w/o Thread Bear

(Pattern #2 pictured, Pattern #1 also available)  This pouch measures 2.5" x 2.5".

Custom Design Reversible Pendant Pouch w/o Thread Bear:

The Pouch Mouse in the picture above is an original  design, hand crafted by Mary Daub.  Other Pouch Mice like it are available for purchase through her web site.   This pouch measures 4" x 4".

There are two additional custom designs shown below.  The lavender pouch on the left was knit using dusty lavender cotton flower thread pre-strung with tiny vintage, silver lined bugle beads accented with new amethyst Czech beads and a vintage, sterling silver brooch topper.  

The custom design on the right I made to wear myself.  It is made from Finca #8 perle cotton knit with fringe beads from a Victorian lamp.  The neck strap is five intertwined strands of antique beads, Swarovski crystals, fresh water pearls and gem stone beads.  For more details, please go to my New Cubs page.

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